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Do you by any chance know why Bali Hindu is a very special religion?
THE TOUCHOfferings to the God is done everyday, the very high aesthetic sense, many women carrying offerings on there head, etc. Here in Bali, there are many things shrouded in mystery.
Eastern Bali exposes many tourists to the precious landscapes, traditional culture and the local people of this area. That is the reason we focus this tour on Eastern Bali. The tour starts off at the “GELGEL” temple located in the Klungkung prefecture. The reason behind starting this tour at this certain temple is because it is the origin of the present Bali Hindu.

Residence to observe the making process of Bali Arak (*traditional Balinese alcohol) from the coconuts, the beach to observe the making process of salt, and so on.
If we are lucky enough we may be able to see as well as take part in the Hindu ceremony! Keep the fingers crossed!
The most fabulous part of this tour is you may request to participate or stop to see something that may interests you (depending on the time).
Each day each tour is different in many ways, it all depends on what is actually going on in Eastern Bali.

Price $78/pax, Child(5~11) $50/pax (8hours trip)
Rate including: lunch and drink, donation for the temple