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Meditation Trekking at Lempyang

Meditation Trekking at LempyangEastern Bali is well known to be the place of “spiritual power”.
Many Balinese visit the temples in Lempuyang when purification of the body is needed or when they need to draw holy water for the ceremonies.
The meaning behind Lempuyang comes from “Lempu” meaning the light, “Yang” which comes from the name of a very famous God Sang Hyang Widi. Together it means that the very famous God Sang Hyang Widi’s halo is shinning down on the place.
Meditation Trekking at LempyangThe trekking will start at the first temple which is located halfway up the mountain. Along the way a Sarung(a traditional Balinese fabric) will be handed out for everybody. Here we will start our meditation.
Once we have emptied our mind of thoughts and feelings we will continue our trekking to the top of the mountain. On the way we will be trekking through a preserved rain forest which is very uncommon here in Bali.
As we reach the temple located at the top of the mountain we will again take a moment to meditate, relax and to clear our thoughts.
If we are lucky enough, on the trek down the mountain a magnificent Mt. Agung may appear. A splendid view of Mt. Agung will defiantly remain in your memory!

Price $85/pax , child(9~12) $50/pax  (5.5hours trip)
Rate including: donation for the temple, light meal, sarung for praying,mineral water
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