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White Sand Beach Trekking

A 15 minute drive from the hotel we will arrive into a village called “BUGBUG”.
We will start trekking from the top of the hill where a panoramic view of Mt.Agung and Bebandem rice field can be seen.
White Sand Beach TrekkingCatch a glimpse of traditional Balinese scenery where farmers are working using cows.
Through out the natural trekking experience we will come across many beautiful types of scenery. Lombok Island as well as Penida Island can be seen from the precipitous cliff where we will stop to catch a breath of fresh air.   
Finally we will trek down the hill to enjoy a relaxing break as well as a special lunch at the white sandy beach. It is very rare to find a white sandy beach here in the eastern part of Bali because of the volcano eruptions.
Come and join us trek through a place of scenic beauty!

Price $40/pax, (4.5hours trip)
Rate including: mineral water, lunch, cool face towel.
What to bring/wear: swimwear, towel